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United States Ski Association Northern Division

Welcome to the USSA Northern Division Pages, where you'll find information on alpine skiing and ski racing, including event schedules and the latest racing results.

The USSA Northern Division organizes alpine competition in Montana, Yellowstone National Park, and in the northern Wyoming counties of Park, Hot Springs, Big Horn, Washakie, Sheridan, Johnson, Campbell, Crook Weston, Natrona, Converse and South Dakota west of the Missouri River, within the framework of USSA, FIS and Western Region Programs, procedures and rules.

The USSA Northern Division Board of Directors, through its Alpine Competition Committee, coordinates and supervises activities in the area.  For the name of the ski program in your area contact the Northern ACC Division Chairman or President at the address and telephone number listed below.  USSA Northern programs are conducted by volunteers working with USSA staff in the Western Regional office.

New as of February 12, 2016:

  • Bridger News.  Jason Moore would like to thank everyone for their help at the Tech Series:
  • As folks prepare for a weekend of racing in the ND, neighboring divisions, or staying home to train for future events, I just wanted to say Thank You!  So many folks pitched in to make the Bridger races a success.  From 13" of new snow the day before to the reprieve from Mother Nature from the impending "windmageddon", everyone worked so well together.  

    As Jim Landers and Andy Erickson expressed, there was a great sense of sportsmanship.  While this was very evident from the athlete side of the races (U14 to Collegiate), it was also evident from the coaching, officiating, and volunteering front.  While there is some hierarchy in regards to USSA protocol, it was clear that these events rely equally on the highly trained coach, the new coaches joining the ranks, the officials, and the volunteers.  Such a great sense of working together for the participants.  

    Thank you again and looking forward to some great events in Missoula, Big Sky, Disco, and back at Bridger for OHG Champs!
    Jason Moore
    Alpine Program Director/Development Head Coach
    Bridger Ski Foundation

  • The Wild West Classic at Snow King needs volunteers -- gatekeepers/hand timers for Wild West Classic -- all 4 days.  They would like to get enough people signed up that they can split the shift since these days are so long.  Depending on the numbers, they could do either, and will decide when they see how many people they can get:
    • Morning shift/afternoon shift (work 1 run both genders)
    • Work ladies both runs OR work men both runs.
    If you are interested:  https://jhskiclub.org/2015-volunteer-jobs What is in it for you?  You get to see the race up close and personal!  You will get a Snow King pass to get up on the hill day of race, and an additional pass to use another day.
  • Lost items section:  
    • On the last day of the Whitefish race, someone accidentally grabbed Camas' Swix 52cm GS poles from the start area while he was pulling b-net.  Please let us know if you locate them.
    • White Leki Gloves were lost at the Big Sky YSL on Monday of the event.  Let Sherri know if you have any info.  
    • Spyder boys size 12 (maybe 14?) full side-zip out ski pants with zip off suspenders at the Bridger Race this weekend.  Seems like maybe someone packed them by mistake on Saturday, February 6th.  If anyone gets home and discovers they have them, please contact Levi Long at 406-443-1427 or leviandbuckle@gmail.com.  
  • Minutes from various meetings during 2015 have been posted:  Winter ACC, Spring ACC, and Fall General and ACC.
  • REMINDER:  There is a block of rooms set aside at the Hampton Inn (4805 N. Reserve St. Missoula, MT 59808) on Feb 12th and 13th for the  Missoula YSL Tri-Divisional Qualifiers.  Cost is $79 + Tax for a double queen room.  This includes a hot breakfast, indoor pool, hot tub, and fitness room.  Please reference the "Missoula YSL Race" when booking rooms.
  • Information on this season's Yearbook has been posted.  The deadline is February 14th, so get those submissions in now.
  • Selected U12's are invited to participate in the Speed Camp at Big Sky in February.  These athletes will not do any racing and the camp will be modified for their age and skill development.  Please see the list for criteria and names.  Additionally, should you feel any other U12 should be invited who did not meet this criteria, please contact the ACC Chair.  
  • The information for the NJR at Snow King has been posted.  Payment and registration is due February 10.  Please go online to fill out the release.  
  • Read about a new award this season, the AK Rocket Award.  
  • In preparation for the Winter 2016 ACC meeting, the minutes of the last meeting and this coming meeting's agenda have been posted.  If you cannot attend, please let Jeremy know who you are sending your proxy vote with.  
  • Intents are due now for March races.  NOTE:  only U19 - U21 POST High School Grads need to intend on the WR site for WR Champs.  All others who meet qualifications and have forms on file will land on the boards.  Here is the link:  http://ussa.org/alpine-programs/regions/intents/west.  You have to register first and then you can go ahead and click on the West tab and go from there to intend your racers for the Western Region events that Sherri does selections for:  the Western Region FIS elites, Opens and out of Division FIS (ie; Schweitzer, Alyeska).  Make sure and intend as NORTHERN DIVISION for those events!  NOTE that the event "CLOSE" is 28 days prior to the start of the event, which means you must complete your entry BY then.  Sherri will do selections at or around 21 days prior depending on the timing of points lists.  Once she does selections, she will email you and you can go to the Google doc and you MUST confirm within a 72 hour time period.  The entire season is on the calendar, so feel free to check with your athletes and intend now.  Please call or email Sherri with any questions you might have.  Out of division USSA races can still use the intent form.  
  • The new Northern Division handbook has been posted.
  • The current Gold Point standings have been posted.
  • Snow King NJR News:
  • This season's equipment specs have been posted.  
  • Second Run YSL seeding:  For all YSL's, 1st run will be by class random draw (TRS) beginning with youngest age class and in age class order (U8-U16).  Second run ~ reversal of 1st Run order within their age class.  (even if they DNF, DNS or DSQ!)
  • TD assignments have been posted.
  • Northern Division forms were due for all U14's and older by December 1st to show up on any selection board.  All U14's and older are REQUIRED to have all four of these forms ON FILE at the Northern Division office:  Team Agreement, Medical Release, Indemnity Form (Hold Harmless), and Financial Agreement.  Coaches must have a Team agreement signed and on file.  Preferred delivery is 1) by FAX or 2) by scanning and emailing back to Sherri (once filled out).  Otherwise, put them in the mail.  College athletes must sign a Hold Harmless agreement and Medical Release.  (Generally College coach submits all at once)  We would also like to have a team roster from the colleges.  
  • Android tablet users -- I've noticed problems opening PDF files from this site using Chrome.  Googling around, this is not the only site with the problem  I can't figure out the cause yet, but a solution I found was to use Chrome in general, but use Opera to open PDF files.  I just tell Chrome to open the file with Opera, not Adobe Reader, and the file downloads just fine.  A different browser will download it just fine as long as I download it to a "cloud drive", but not my tablet.  Try those out if you must open a PDF and it is not working.  
  • Those who would like to be either ON or OFF Sherri's Divisional email distribution list should let her know.  
  • Attention Parents of U14's and older:  As we notified you last season, HELMET RULES go in effect THIS coming season!  Make sure the helmet has this sticker:  
    1. HELMETS: All competitors and forerunners must wear a helmet for Giant Slalom, Super G, Downhill and Downhill Training and Alpine Combined that meets current equipment specifications. [606.4, 707, 807, 907, 1007, and additional USSA and FIS regulations.]
      1. Athletes U14 and older must use helmets that meet the new FIS standards for all USSA Giant Slalom, Super G and Downhill. U14 and older competitors whose helmets are not in compliance will not be permitted to start. 
      2. Regulations for helmets for Giant Slalom, Super G and Downhill are applicable without exception at all levels of FIS competition [2.3.3]

    More on helmets can be found here:  http://northernussa.bloomfire.com/posts/879946-helmet-rules-for-fis-gs-sg-dh-read-to-bottom-for-2014-2015.  

  • Please note that the cost of using your credit card to pay this year is 5%.  
  • The latest Master Packet of USSA forms is here.
  • REMINDER!  USSA Membership Renewal Deadline was October 15th!  USSA Member Services recommends members use the convenient online membership registration by visiting my.ussa.org.  Late fees past this deadline will occur for the following membership categories: Coaches, Masters and Athletes.  Additional Division or State late fees may also apply!  Membership questions can be answered through the online chat support button, email (membership@ussa.org) or by phone at 435-647-2666.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  Race Administrators throughout the division have asked us to remind you of proper entry procedures:
    • Use ONLY the USSA Team Entry form.  A sample of that form, filled out, is here.  Do NOT use a copied Google form or Excel spreadsheet.
    • Fill out the form completely using the event columns
    • Use a separate form for EACH gender!  
    • Put coaches names and USSA #'s on the bottom and any additional info the RA might need.  
    • Do NOT enter, pull, add or change the entry WITHOUT using this form as an ATTACHMENT.  In the subject line of your email, put your team's name and what event they are for, i.e, MSEF Entries for Stano Cup.  
    • Once again DO NOT use emails for changes, pulls or adds.  Too many emails back and forth are too difficult to follow.  
    • IF there is a deadline and a late fee, you WILL be charged.  
    • If after you submit your entries, something changes - make the changes in RED and attach the same form with the changes and date the changes!  This clarifies things much easier for the RA.  
    • Northern Policy is that you must pull athletes by 5 pm the night prior to the event (except in cases of illness or injury) or PAY the full entry fee for all days.
  • We now have a Payment method to accept Donations (see orange button at the bottom of the page).  We also have a Intuit Payment Network page to accept your race payments.  Please note that the Intuit method presents you with two options -- the use of your credit card or the use of your bank account.  If you decide to use your credit card, you must still add on the 5% credit card processing fees.  
  • USSA is insisting that coaches be members of USSA.  Coaches without current USSA membership must not be allowed to participate in the event in any capacity.  This includes on-hill coaching for their teams.  (This does not apply to foreign coaches at FIS events.)  ROC's/RA's will not only have to verify status of membership/Officials' certifications (RF, CR, JA, etc.), they will now have to verify membership for all coaches who wish to be involved with an event.  Some suggestions are:
    1. Print a list of current coaches and verify against it.  This might be easier than having a computer available at registration and verifying coaches' memberships one at a time
    2. Require that coaches present their membership card prior to being issued event credentials/lift tickets.
    3. Require that teams submit a list of coaches accompanying their athletes 24 hours prior to the event

    (If an ROC/RA chooses to use either suggestion 2 or 3, Sherry recommends that they make note of the requirement in their Race Announcement.)
    USSA Coach Membership will not be required for Canadian coaches accompanying competitors entered in CAN-AM events; however, if any of the Coaches wish to serve as Course Setters, etc., the USSA membership requirement will apply.

  • A reminder of the Travel Policy, found here.  Lodging and transportation arrangements are made with a certain number of athletes in mind.  Please acquaint yourself with the Travel Policy for Northern Division when it comes to payments and refunds.  
  • Teams providing "comps" to selected racers will need to send in the Division Head Tax form, located here.

2015 - 2016 USSA Deadlines and Form

It's time to get your racing license for next season!  You need to renew by October 15th to avoid paying late fees.  To compete in a USSA Sanctioned Event, an athlete must be a member of USSA.  This year you can apply for your license ONLINE.  Late fees past this deadline will occur for the following membership categories: Coaches, Masters and Athletes.  Additional Division or State late fees may also apply!

Please note completed applications will only be processed with proper payment.   USSA accepts Visa, Mastercard, personal and cashiers checks.   The U.S. Ski & Snowboard Association prefers Visa.

The deadline to be included on the first alpine FIS points lists is May 31st.  To assure that your membership is processed for inclusion on any list, your membership materials must be received by USSA at least seven days prior to the closing date for that list.  Registrations are not considered received until they are complete.  It is the athlete's responsibility to ensure that his or her USSA and/or FIS membership registration is received.  You can contact USSA member services (435-647-2666) to check the status of your application.  Remember to include your Northern Division fees.

Please note:  USSA and FIS points are not continually being updated they are recalculated for each new list.   For more information on how points are calculated, see chapter 3 of your USSA Alpine Competition Guide.

FIS License Applications

U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association alpine competitors registering for FIS who have not sent in their FIS registration by August 15, 2014 will have to pay $155, compared to $85.  To complete registration USSA must have a completed USSA Alpine Competitor application or renewal form, a completed FIS declaration and payment for USSA, FIS and any other applicable division or state dues.  This year, you can register online.  Or click here to go and download the Adobe registration application.

The FIS and USSA hardcopy forms require the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available free here.

Northern Division Handbook 2015 - 2016

Download this useful guide to racing rules for the Northern Division.  


Payments for racing fees can be made to the following.  If you are using credit card payment, please note that we only accept American Express, Visa, and MasterCard.  

    Sherri Hale
    Northern Division USSA Manager
    P.O. Box 217
    Whitefish, MT  59937
    (FAX) 406-545-2289
    (406) 871-7429

You can also use our direct payment page.  The direct payment option is done though our Quickbooks/Intuit Payment Network.  Intuit safely handles financial data and transactions for millions of customers.  Payment Network adheres to rigorous online banking industry protection standard and works hard to protect your information.  Please note that if you use this method and select a Credit Card (as opposed the Bank Account) option, you must add 5% to cover our credit card processing fees.  


Like any organization which supports youth athletics, we are always happy to get donations to help with the staging of events, prizes, etc.  Should you wish to help out, click here:  

We are a 501 (c) 3 NonProfit

    Sherri Hale
    Northern Division USSA Manager
    P.O. Box 217
    Whitefish, MT  59937
    (FAX) 406-545-2289
    (406) 871-7429

Northern ACC Chairman

Jeremy Ueland
(406) 579-7005


Northern Division President

Rick Duncan
2248 West River Rd
Deer Lodge, MT 59722
406-846-9631 (H)
406-846-2757, ext. 26(W)
406-560-5021 (C)


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