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2011 Northern Division Awards

Jim Barrier Gold Cup

The Gold Cup is Northern Divisionís premier race series.  This is a continental cup type competition for the top racers in Northern Division.  Races counting for Gold Cup points include the J1, J2, and J3 qualifiers and are open to all A, J1, J2, and J3 competitors.  Awards are given for overall and also by class.  The class awards are based on points scored within the class.

Overall Winners:

  • Women:  Carter Theade, Silver Run Ski Team
  • Men:  Kent Johns, Missoula Ski Education Foundation

Class Winners:

  • Aís: 
    • Women:  Megan Thees, Rocky Mountain College
    • Men:  Jonathan Diem, Rocky Mountain College
  • J1ís:
    • Women:  Blake Nix Jackson, Silver Run Ski Foundation
    • Men:  Travis Haller, Missoula Ski Education Foundation
  • J2ís:
    • Women:  Carter Theade, Silver Run Ski Team
    • Men:  Kent Johns, Missoula Ski Education Foundation
  • J3ís:
    • Women:  Erica Christian, Bridger Ski Foundation
    • Men:  Nevada Kramer, Whitefish Mountain Resort Team
Gold Points Development Scholarships

Based on overall gold point scoring for the 2010-2011 season, to encourage participation in Northern Division Race Series.  This money can be used for future education (college, trade school or post grad) or as a credit towards their travel for next season.

      Men Women
    1st Place - $125 Kent Johns (MSEF) Carter Theade (SRS)
    2nd Place - $75 Travis Haller (MSEF) Erica Christian (BSF)
    3rd Place - $50 Max Haller (MSEF) Tara Haferman (BSF)
Bill Kenney Traditional High School Racer Award

The Bill Kenney series runs parallel to the Gold Cup Series.  This is a continental cup type competition for J1 and J2 competitors in Northern Division who are registered in high school.

  • Women:  Carter Theade, Silver Run Ski Team
  • Men:  Kent Johns, Missoula Ski Education Foundation
Overall Team Awards (Little Hollow Cup):

This is our team award given for quality not quantity and is intended to promote junior racing, club spirit, and unity. 

  • 1st:  Missoula Ski Education Foundation 
  • 2nd:  Bridger Ski Foundation
  • 3rd:  Silver Run Ski Foundation
YSL Super Combined Champions

These awards are given to the top Team, top Male and top Female athletes during the YSL championships Super Combi event.  All three events are scored for both team and individual champions.  The top three placing male and female athletes from the result sheet from each team are scored for the team result.  The individual champions are also scored by placement on the result sheet from each of the three race events.

  • Women:  Megan Petitt ó Bridger Ski Foundation
  • Men:  Luca Rondoni ó Bridger Ski Foundation
  • Team Champion:  Bridger Ski Foundation
Academic Awards

This award is open to any J1/J2 racer studying at the high school level regardless of athletic achievement, who is selected to the Western Region championship event and maintains a 3.5 grade point average on a 4.0 scale. 

    Name GPA Team

    Carter Theade


    Silver Run Ski Foundation

    Stella Gardner

    4.0 Missoula Ski Education Foundation
    Melissa Wills 4.0 Big Sky Ski Education Foundation
    Elizabeth Swoboda 4.0 Bridger Ski Foundation
    Ethan Hills 4.0 Great Divide Ski Team
    Ruby Kazemi 4.0

    Missoula Ski Education Foundation

    Darby Lacey 4.0 Showdown Ski Team
    Nevada Kramer 4.0

    Flathead Valley Ski Foundation (WMRT)

    Grant Dokken 4.0

    Bridger Ski Foundation

    Mallory Kelley 3.92 Silver Run Ski Team
    Atticus Procter 3.86 Great Divide Ski Team
    Remy Arnot 3.85 Missoula Ski Education Foundation
    Tara Haferman 3.84

    Bridger Ski Foundation

    Ryan Flink 3.75

    Missoula Ski Education Foundation

    Avery Howard 3.71 Missoula Ski Education Foundation
    Kathleen Robbins 3.67 Great Divide Ski Team
    Maggie Settle 3.67 Great Divide Ski Team
    Eric Williams 3.58 Missoula Ski Education Foundation
    Mason Bowditch 3.57 Missoula Ski Education Foundation

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