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ND Calendaring Philosophy & Procedure

Calendar Philosophy and Procedures :

The Northern Division annual competition calendar is athletically based, uses periodization, and takes into consideration the quality of competition.  The ND calendar uses an integrated top down approach; with block scheduling, marker events with clear path rewards.  The calendar process begins shortly after the end of the season after we get the first drafts of the Western Region and NorAm calendars.  Key considerations made while constructing the upcoming calendar are racer management and site selection.  

Racer management involves periodization, peak events, focal series, training periods, secondary series, competition blocks, rest and recovery periods, and physical training.  The ND ACC tries to ensure block scheduling so programs can tailor their training around key events at various times of the year.  For instance, the ND calendar is constructed to offer a technical opportunity in January, a speed block opportunity in ate January to early February, another couple of technical opportunities in late February and March, with Western Region and Divisional Championships occurring mid to late March.


  • All Northern Division clubs will have a template of the calendar prior to the summer Northern Division meeting for review sent via e-mail from the ACC and Calendar Chairs.  
  • Prior Land Owner/Mountain Mgr. approval in place prior to bidding at the summer meeting.
  • All Northern Division clubs wishing to bid on a race series must be present at the Northern Division Summer meeting or designate a knowledgeable representative to represent their respective club and area at the summer meeting and be prepared to list certified officials who will work the event.  
  • Consider Geographics and discipline that fall into a time line that will flow into a logical progression.  Integrate Western Region, Collegiate and Northern Division calendars.  (Trying to prevent overlap)
  • Create a calendar that promotes 4 event skiers.
  • Site selection, event organization and hill preparation/cooperation should be considered.  Race organizations are responsible to ensure that they have enough certified individuals to host the level of event they are bidding on.  It is also their responsibility to have enough safety protection and equipment available to run an event.
  • Northern Division Clubs hosting major events, i.e.; Western Region FIS, Regional Junior Championships, Nor-Ams, any FIS or championship events, should not be strained in any way from the Northern Division calendar.
  • All sites selected for events for the upcoming season must understand the allocation of Head Tax and know the deadlines for submittal.
  • All events that are bid on must have current Homologation papers.  Technical Homologations are every 10 years.  Speed Homologations are every 5 years.  Scored events must be on homologated courses.



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