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Northern Division
ND ACC Winter Minutes
February 6, 6:00 p.m.
Big Sky, MT

Call to Order: 6:05 p.m.  

Welcome/Identification of Members present:  Sherri Hale, Rick Duncan, Jeremy Ueland, Craig Krueger, Paul Mannelin, Pete Petry, John Steitz, Andy Erickson, Bob Petitt, Lucas Matelich Brent Olson, Spud Kelly, Darryl Whitaker

Craig proxy for ACC Member Hedstrom, Pete for Densmore, Bob for Roger

Approval of Minutes from Fall ACC Meeting:  John moved to approve Minutes from Fall Meeting, Craig seconded:  minutes approved unanimously

Old Business:

  • Program Status – clubs report on their current overall program status (staffing, funding, events, etc...)
    • Each club present gave season update.  No changes mid-season to staffs.  Numbers are good,  season going well.  No report from Showdown.   
  • ACC Chair Report – ACC Chair & Officials Chair
    • Western Region Update ~ Jeremy opened by introducing Darryl Whitaker, who then gave an update on his position and other Western Region projects.  
    • Coaches Forums Region ~ Update from Roger
      • Roger at Tech Elite Series, unable to get home.  Jeremy gave update on some of the proposals and informed everyone they could be found on the Western Region Governance Page.  Anyone who wants to give feedback can send it to Jeremy or Rick Duncan, our voting WR ACC Members.   
    • Coaches (Jeremy) & Officials Training Issues/Homologations/Clinics (Bob)
      • Bob has had some training sessions outside of the Fall Congress, led by others such as Dave Bayless and Rick Duncan.  His work schedule this year has been busy at his real job.  
    • Team Awards
      • Team scoring has been happening at YSL events, sometimes not happening at awards though.  We all need to work with our Organizers to make sure these are getting done.  Sherri is keeping track of team scores for year-end awards at YSL level.     
    • Out of Division USSA racing
      • Northern has a policy in place to not allow athletes to race out of division when we have our own event scheduled in our division.  This is in line with other divisions.  We received requests to go out of division for tech events when we had a DH scheduled.  Pete Petry was questioning this and discussion ensued about supporting our own and the importance of speed for all of our athletes.  
    • Northern Projects/Athlete Management
      • Sherri (once again) talked about late pulls after FIS athletes have confirmed.  It makes her job difficult and cost estimates are off due to this problem.  She also had a late request from a FIS aged athlete to attend a DH where there was not any other Northern athletes attending.  Normally the division is fine with reaching out to other divisions for coaching and representation, but the concern here from several Northern personnel and ACC was that this particular athlete had not run a FIS DH before and the Schweitzer DH was probably not the one to send him off to without a coach from his own club.  Discussion followed regarding this issue and it was recommended that our handbook reflect verbiage regarding this issue going forward.  
  • Northern Division Manager — Financial Overview & Travel Issues:
    • Where we stand currently financially
      • Financially, year on average with prior year.  Noted Fundraising was down from prior year.  Funds in the bank are up by $7400 over last season.  Net loss to date is over $2,000, but the season has a good ways to go yet and much of our income going forward comes from Head tax that has not yet been collected.  Payments to USSA have been made on schedule.  
    • Membership
      • Membership for older athletes down slightly, while YSL are up a little.   
    • National Club Day/Parade
      • Great Divide will try to hold a parade again.  Missoula did not feel this would happen at the U16-A event at their area as there would likely not be any interest.
    • Yearbook
      • Will be happening again this year.  We need ads to help cover cost of printing.  Went to an online form this year for submissions.  Deadline will be adhered to.  Sherri indicated that the communication for this project just doesn’t get out at the club level for some reason as there are always people who “never heard about it”  Please make sure the word gets out to your club membership.  
    • Sponsorship-Fundraising Update
      • Fundraising update from Fall Performance Drive – First Interstate Bank and others.  Not as high as last year.  
    • Skier Safety~Sylvie Costen Project
      • Sylvie has been in contact with many clubs regarding her project and the membership is supportive.  She will be working on securing funding to get the project off the ground and hopes to get it in place for next ski season.  She will be following up with the division in the spring with her progress.   
  • Goals and Tentative Schedule for Summer Meeting 2015
    • Tentative summer ACC meeting and calendaring session planned for June 5th in Missoula.

New Business:

  • Spud Kelly ~ Peter Maxwell Memorial ~ Spud presented his ideas and trophies for the Peter Maxwell Memorial, a Team Scoring award to be presented at the YSL Championships every year.  Going forward, he would also like to name the YSL Champs, the Peter Maxwell Memorial.  This idea was unanimously approved and the first trophy will be awarded this year with the name of the series being adopted beginning next year.  The team with the highest cumulative team score including both genders top three from each team will be given the award.   

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