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Northern Division
Fall Meeting Minutes
Saturday, September 10, 2011
Bridger Ski Foundation, Bozeman, MT

Call to Order:  8:08 a.m.

Welcome/Identification of Members present:  Jeremy Euland, Sherri Hale , Rick Duncan, Roy Loman, Paul Bussi, Bob Petitt, Craig Krueger, Logan Cook, Gwynn Watkins, Susan Krueger, Vanessa Selby, Ken Manchester, Dave Bayliss, Tony Nunnikhoven, Tom Landers

Approval of Minutes from Winter Meeting (no general summer meeting was held)  Minutes from Winter meeting, January 29, 2011 are approved.

Old Business:

  • Report of President  Rick reviews our athlete numbers, our outstanding financial position, and our positive relationships with our home mountains that continues to improve.
  • Program Status – clubs report on their current overall program status (staffing, funding, etc...)
    • Big Sky – Still hiring staff, J3 Junior Olympics preparation is underway.  We will need all clubs to help make it a great event.  Preparing for a J3 and younger camp this fall.  Financial status is good.
    • Terry Peak – Sherri reports on their behalf.  Their program is beginning to travel with their athletes, whom are all younger.  No races at their hill yet.
    • Bridger: – Snow making on Hanton’s Hollow is complete.  Last season’s new race hill configuration was popular.  J2 & olders will go to a Thanksgiving camp, probably Norquay/Panorama, details will be out soon.  Other clubs are encouraged to send athletes.  November 18-26-7th.  Preparation for Junior Olympics, NCAA regionals and NCAA National Championships.  Bridger Bowl will now provide ski passes to the low-point racers for the OHG.  Please plan on this event, it will be a good opportunity to lower those points.
    • Silver Run– Program director Vanessa Selby.  Currently seeking a head coach.  Numbers of athletes steady.  Adding a big mountain division.
    • MSEF – New president. Numbers steady.  New Head coach, Peter Maxwell, formerly from Gilboa.
    • Great Divide – Should gain approx. 14 athletes from their all mountain program.  Training/race run has been lengthened and improved.
    • Discovery Race Team – Ken Manchester reports, numbers are growing, have a traveling team.  Their mountain was pleased with last year’s race-day skier numbers.
    • Whitefish Mountain Resort – Now managed by a non-profit instead of the mountain, all coaches are returning.  Roy is entertaining the idea of hosting a 5-day Thanksgiving camp.
    • Showdown – 12 new motel rooms available in White Sulfur Springs, but lodging is still very limited.  They will host the YSL Giant GS this season.
    • Rocky Mountain College – Jerry Wolf reported to the ACC meeting previously, they will continue to support the ND races with all of their athletes.  The Stanno Cup at Red Lodge will again have a seed for a Northern Division team.
  • Western Region Update – Gwynn Watkins
    • Concussion Policy Gwynn's Power Point presentation can be accessed from the new Western Region website.  This new website can direct you to the Club resources section, PARTICULARLY the new concussion policy.  All athletes that are suspected of incurring a head injury will not be allowed to compete until they are cleared by a medical professional that is certified in diagnosing head injuries.  Coaches can receive some of this training from the website for the Centers for Disease Control, see the Western Region link.  Gwynn is currently compiling this list, and she needs input from us.  All of the pertinent information will be presented at this fall’s officials update.
    • Safe Sport
    • Skills Qwest In the planning stages, a plan for national recognition for athletes that meet certain levels of skills, within age categories which will be assessed by a PSIA instructor.  These skills will eventually be used to select athletes for the US Ski team.
    • Age Changes for2012-2013.  New nomenclature is replacing the ‘J2-3-4’ system and will be replaced with the ‘U8-10-12-14-16-18-U21-SR’ format that will agree with the FIS, international and Canadian format.  Coarse setting rules are being refined to parallel the new age classes.  First year FIS athletes will be 16 years old, categorized as U18.
    • FIS On-line Intents are to be used for Canadian, FISU, NORAMS and out-of-division.  All FIS Intents for the season can be entered in October, instead of only at the beginning of each month.  See the Western Region website.  The 21-day intent deadline is the same, while this and the 48-hour confirmation deadline will be documented with a date/time stamp on Gwynn’s competitor list.  The current points for each athlete will be embedded in the spreadsheet as long as the FIS competitor number is accurate.  Clubs of athletes that do not show up at a race will be sanctioned with a $100 fine, unless there is a medical excuse.
    • USSA races are administered by Sherri Hale.  See the Northern Division website for the ND policies.
    • Western Region Update Fall Project at Mt. Hood.  Conditioning Education camp for the regional training group also.
    • Physical Assessments Each club/coach is required to submit the winter and spring assessment data for any West team athlete if they are to qualify for the selection list.  Assessment data should be collected for all other athletes as well.
  • ACC overview –Jeremy Ueland
    • Policy and rules updates/Fall Update.  New single pole GS rules are in place.  Race announcements should inform participants of this information as well as if there will be a single pole slalom.
    • Coaches Education.  Watch the ND website for the final dates of the level 100 at Big Sky in March and the level 200 in January at Bridger Bowl.
    • Calendar Approval:  ACC proposes the 2011-12 calendar.  See the ND website for the final copy.  Bob P moves to accept the calendar as proposed.  Jeremy 2nds.  Vote is unanimous, calendar is approved.
    • BNet There is only a short time left to order B-netting at $300/roll, through PNSA, call Sherri.  Delivery will be to Bozeman.  ND is still missing a few rolls, but there are 19 total rolls accounted for.
    • Since FIS races fluctuate, the income from the Development portion of the head tax fluctuates.  We are one of the few divisions that charges a divisional head tax on FIS events.  Jeremy moves the $1 of the Development team portion of all FIS event head tax be set aside for general fund the Northern Division.  2nd by Tony and approved.
    • The ACC recommends that the YSL entry fees be increased to $20/event instead of different fees for different events.  This brings us closer to what other divisions are charging, but still less.  It has been over 10 years since we raised these fees.  Jeremy moves that non-scored race fees increase from $15 to $20, and scored races increase from $25/$28 to $30 for tech events and $33 for speed.
    • ACC openings:  2 positions are vacant.  Nominees are: Kerry Jetmore (Silver Run), Steve Erickson (MSEF) and Peter Maxwell (new MSEF head coach).  Ballots are distributed and the new ACC committee members are Peter Maxwell and Steve Erickson.
    • All race announcements are due 30 days out, with the info for YSL races that include whether or not the Slalom will have stubby gates.  Coaches need to know how to prepare these young athletes.
  • Officials’ Chair Report – Bob Petitt
    • Coaches & Officials Clinics 2011-2012 Competition officials may be certified by watching the PowerPoint provided by Bob.  Contact Bob Petitt for any discrepancies to your history.  Competition Official license is required to be allowed in the race arena.
    • Medical Plans need to be in place for each race.  TD Expense policies are detailed in the ND handbook.  Volunteers Key Positions.  The TD commissioner is Tony N., he is in charge of TD certifications and TD assignments.
    • Season Activity Recording Reminder (Non-Scored especially)  Documentation of participation needs to be sent to Bob by April 30th for scored and non-scored events
    • Official training dates are currently being worked out.  Race Admin and Timing and Calc are each a 1-day commitment.  ND is desperate for both of these positions.  Bob needs to know if the volunteers need an update only or a full clinic training session.
    • Homologations
    • TD Schedule Review TD Education (Tony Nunnikhoven) Tony will provide a TD update clinic for TD’s and TD’s-in-training.  Website for Barry netting is online.  Anyone using this netting system needs to be aware that this netting requires a completely different installation, application and backdrop.  Consult the Barry net website before using it.
  • Northern DivisionManager – Sherri Hale - Financial Overview & Travel Issues
    • ND will have a drop in income this season since we are not hosting a FIS race, nor will there be as many YSL starts due to less 3-day YSL races.  Membership enrollment is expected to drop slightly.  Financials from last season were the best that they have ever been.  All parents paid for their races on time last season.
    • USSA charges each division for managing competitor data.  The 10% fee is on hold for this season
    • ND USSA races have a specific enrollment/intent policy that is detailed on the ND website.  All race expenses are available for review by request from Sherri.
    • Sanctioning agreements with USSA are in November.
    • Race attendance confirmation/WR cancellation refund policy.  Northern cancellation policy.  When athletes withdraw from a race after confirming, they will be partially reimbursed according to a sliding scale, but only up to a point.  FIS racers at championship events must room with the team.  Lodging is confirmed for all other FIS events by Sherri, and it is assumed that the athlete is staying with the team unless Sheri is notified of alternative arrangements.  COMMUNICATION is the key.  Call Sheri , and call early!
    • Coaches Transportation Review. Communication.
    • ND Forms & YSL Program (bio book) Paul Bussi reports on the BioBook.  We need to move up the deadline and promote the advertising.  Parents are encouraged to submit cheer-leading ads on behalf of their own family.  Last year's book was mostly paid for by advertising.  This season we are shooting for an early February deadline.  Paul will have a photo that he has taken of every YSL athlete in the Division, and he is providing these professional quality pictures for free.  Paul volunteers his time and resources for 2-3 weeks of work for this project.  Northern Division would like to eventually use this as a fundraising project.  The cover design is open for anyone to submit.
    • Head Tax Development Portion of YSL and A-J3The YSL portion is allocated to the YSL championships, the A-J3 portion is used for scholarships and for supporting/promoting low point holders at scored races.
    • Enrollment forms are available on the ND website.  All of these forms are absolutely necessary for Sherri to have access to in an emergency.
  • ND Board
    • Sponsorship/Fundraising for Qualifiers is being sought from any source.
    • By-Laws Committee will continue to update the ND bylaws.

New Business:

  • The next ACC meeting will be Friday, Feb 3rd, and as per ND bylaws, we are not required to hold a general meeting at this time.  The next general meeting will be in June of 2012.

Meeting is adjourned at 11:05 am.

Minutes submitted by Susan Krueger.


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