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ND ACC WINTER Meeting Agenda
January 31, 2014, 7:00 p.m.
Stonecreek Lodge, Missoula, MT

Call to Order: 7:09 p.m.

Welcome/Identification of Members present:  Sherri Hale, Dave Hedstrom, John Steitz, Jeremy Ueland, Pete Petry, Bob Petitt, Gina Gassman, Cole Greer, Roger Bay

Approval of Minutes from Fall ACC Meeting Gina made motion to accept minutes, Bob Petitt 2nd

Old Business:

  • Program Status clubs report on their current overall program status (staffing, funding, etc...)
    • Big Sky numbers good, up a bit, coaches, area working well
    • BSF  great.  Good snow, permission to water hill this year to get ready for Jackson, numbers are great  16 older kids, 90 to 100 younger athletes, a lot of girls
    • Great Divide older kids going to graduate working on YSL all mountain program full, ready for race had issue for start, but it is looking good, may have to move start down slightly
    • WMRT terrific from 50 kids to 100 really young avg age less than 9 academy program working 5 training 6 days a week.  Panorama Camps were part of the Academy program
    • SRS numbers consistent 55 lost a few gained a few Master program going well 30 some had the two races and fundraising and a college race
  • ACC Chair Report ACC Chair & Divisional Manager
    • Western Region Update selection procedures
    • Affiliation Agreement/Task Force Update.  It looks like PNSA will not sign the agreement.  Lots of issues with the agreement, the agreement is one sided towards USSA.
    • Northern Season Report Skills Quest being the same day of the race did not work well.  Discussed various aspects of Skills Quest.  A lot of clubs need to be doing Skills Quest.  1 hour to run the boys through, 2 hours for the girls to complete.  Moving of Discovery Race due to lack of snow.  Big Sky and Whitefish would both like to pick up the race.  4 votes for Big Sky and 1 vote for Whitefish.  The race will be held in Big Sky.  Earlier in the season, a one day event lost at Red Lodge was made up at Whitefish, where they were able to run two races in one day.  
    • Coaches & Officials Training Issues.  Always needed at the last minute.
    • Wax Missoula should have one case, which is missing.  
    • U14s in ND upgrades for 2nd year after Tri-Divisionals and YSL Champs.  Discussed U14s skiing up with older athletes.  Nothing to change this year.
    • Discussed attracting some low point skiers to U16 races.  There is a line item in the ND budget for this.  Big Sky may request some rabbit money from ND.  
  • Northern Division Manager Financial Overview & Travel Issues:
    • Where we stand currently.  Less FIS athletes are traveling.  Happening in the entire Western Region, age fluctuation, equipment changes and attrition.  
    • Reviewed financial statements as of January  2014.  1 more payment due to USSA.  All payments have been paid on time to USSA.  Performance fund drive has raised $5,300.
    • Membership is down slightly.  Need to decide if we change membership fees by March 1st.  Fees to be left where they are right now.  
    • National Club Day/Parade discussed.  Each team to have a club banner or flag to participate in the parade at Great divide.  Use this as a tool to increase membership.
    • ND Yearbook.  Last year was a YSL Program.  This year includes the older athletes.
    • Sponsorship-Fundraising Update
  • Goals and Tentative Schedule for Spring Meeting 2014
    • Date tentatively set for June 6th and 7th.
    • Meeting to be held in Bozeman.

New Business:

  • Roger moved to allow Jacques Eve to skip Big Sky SG and stay on selection boards for medical reasons. Seconded by John Steitz. All voted in favor.

Meeting adjourned at 9:36PM.


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