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Northern Division
ND FALL Meeting Agenda
Saturday, October 6th, 2012
Bridger Ski Foundation, Bozeman, MT

Call to Order: 9:10 a.m.

Welcome/Identification of Members present:  Jeremy Euland, Kris Shampeny, Jerry Wolf, Rick Duncan, Roger Bay, Roy Loman, Sherri Hale, Susan Krueger, AJ Cronk, Galen Murray, Jason Moore, Craig Krueger, Lisa Densmore, Vanessa Selby, S. Carstensen, R. Pettit, P. Bussi, H. Victory, B. Krueger, Ross Pfohl, T. Newhouse, D. Bayless, P. Mannelin, B. Cox, L. Seitz, R. Matelich, T. Coston, S. King, B. Brandon, J. Eve, R. Kramer, A. Fitzhugh, L. Patterson, G. Irwin, J. Drem

Approval of Minutes from Fall 2011 Meeting (no general Winter or Spring 2012 meetings were held)  Rick Duncan moves to approve the minutes, Susan seconds, and unanimous approval.

Old Business:

  • Report of President:  Rick Duncan emphasized Northern’s consistently strong membership numbers among athletes, and stressed the positive camaraderie among and between club coaching staffs.  He talked about the good financial position of the Division.  As the new season begins, Rick pointed out that one of the biggest hurdles to overcome will be the new age groupings, moving from “J’s” to U’s.”
  • Program Status –clubs report on their current overall program status (staffing, funding, etc...)
    • Big Sky, Jeremy Euland: Some coaches advancing, most of the staff is the same.  There are 5 U-16 athletes, 70 U-14’s and younger, which are similar numbers to last year.  They are building a new double-decker timing building at the base of Hangman’s.
    • Bridger Ski Foundation, Roger Moore/Roger Bay:  New program director, otherwise similar staffing and athlete numbers as last year.  Priorities include certifying coaches and training/certifying officials.  Working with Bridger to finalize plans to continue night training as well as the future expansion of on-hill lighting.  5-day program will continue with athletes that can start school early and leave at noon to train.  Will join with Missoula to a Colorado Thanksgiving camp.
    • WMR-Flathead Valley Ski Education Foundation, Roy Loman:  Program numbers are up in the younger age group, over 50.  Coaching staff is similar.  They are headed to Banff for their Thanksgiving camp, guest athletes are welcome; they will stay for the World Cup DH SG.
    • Silver Run, Vanessa Selby:  Estimating 50 athletes, including 6 new athletes.  Planning to expand their midweek program.  Promoting their masters program.  Some coaching changes, total of 6 new coaches.
    • Discovery Race Team, Rick Duncan:  Estimates 15-18 YSL athletes.  Buried 3K feet of cable for timing and communications, including 3 starts, and adding a timing building also.  Similar coaching staff with a few new coaches that are former DRT racers.  Mountain management is considering adding a poma lift to help the athletes with a quicker turn-around time.  Mountain management is being proactive in their support of the team.
    • Rocky Mountain Ski Team:  Graduated many of their athletes, 12 new freshmen recruited, including a 17-pt SL male, and a 35-pt SL female among other promising athletes from Sweden and the U.S.
    • Missoula Ski Education Foundation, AJ Cronk:  Numbers are down in the older ages, steady in the younger groups.
    • Great Divide Ski Team:  U-18 and U-16 numbers are the same.  All mountain program with 150 kids remains strong.  
    • MSU Ski Team, Luke Patterson:  Committed to fostering a cooperative and supportive atmosphere with the Northern Division.  Welcome back MSU!
    • Showdown Ski Team:  Dave King will be coaching this year.
  • ACC overview – JeremyUeland:  Three nominations for two openings:  Roger Bay, Lisa Dinsmore, AJ Cronk.  Each team that has paid their dues will have 2 votes.
    • Western Region Update:  Fall conference call has not taken place yet.  Physical Assessments:  These tests need to be administered twice annually.  All data needs to be submitted to Gwynn at USSA.  Keep Sherri Hale informed of your assessment schedule, so any athletes in the Division can attend.  SRST is planning an assessment session on Oct 28.
    • Policy and rules updates / Fall Update reviewed.  
      • Update from Congress/Age Class changes:  U-8 thru U18 is a now a 2-year system like soccer; except U-21’s, which are 19-21.  Time to stop using the “J” system terminology.  YSL race designation is the same, older races that are scored are called ’competitor’ races.
      • SkillsQuest: see the USSA website, and your local clubs will detail this method of skills development.  Rules and Updates have been posted by Sherri.
      • Note change in Kombi rules.  Use the official’s links on the USSA or the ND site to find all the current rules information.  Speed Kombi courses have to be homologated for speed events, and can only have U-14’s and older compete.
      • Jeremy Euland makes a motion to the membership that we increase entry fees on scored events by $4.  This is to offset the head-tax increase that went into effect at the National level from $6 to $10 for scored races only.  Craig Krueger 2nds.  Unanimous approval.
      • WR Intents to Compete are due 28-30 days before each event, the deadlines are already posted on the website.  Jeremy and the ACC proposed to the membership that Sherri will use the USSA points list that is valid 21 days before the first day of the event.  Sherri’s deadline for the Intents will remain the first of the month prior to the race.  Rick Duncan seconds, motion carries.
      • No automatics will be able to participate in a WR Developmental race.  Remember that ND can go out of division for other Divisional races.
    • Coaches Education & Clinics:
      • Big Sky is planningan early clinic.  The cost of Level 100 clinics will drop since USSA allows a local level 300-500 coach to teach a level 100 clinic.  Sign up early, or USSA may stop this opportunity.  Last year’s procrastinators were put on a waiting list and not everyone that wanted to was allowed to attend.  Level 200 clinics requires USSA to send trainers.
      • FAST Start is an on-line coaches training course that is part of the membership fee, and is required for all those new first-time coaches paying for a coaches license.  You will have to wait for your background check to clear before you can continue with the FAST start course.  Call Cheryl at USSA membership services if and when you have issues, they are very helpful during this transition period.
      • If you have your level 100 license already, don’t follow the link to the FAST start course!
    • Impact testing is offered by the Deer Lodge medical community/Powell County Schools, and they have extra licenses that are available to Northern Division athletes, grade school through high school.  This establishes baseline data for the assessment of concussion injuries.  The only expenses would be your travel costs, and the assessment is valid for 2 years.  Contact Rick Duncan if you are interested.  Sherri will be emailing details, dates and locations next week.
    • SkillsQuest:  See the link on both the ND and USSA sites for details.  Certified assessors can be trained if they have are a level 300 coaching license.  This is part of the USSA emphasis on all-mountain and free-skiing skills.  More details will follow in November.  USSA wants to see each club to have at least 2 SkillsQuest group sessions event each season.
    • AMP:  Alpine Athlete Management Program that utilizes a social networking strategy to allow coaches to have continual, confidential access to athlete data.  This is based on the US Ski Team model, which has been successful for 3 seasons, and will soon be available.
    • Physical Assessments and the data generated from these need to be sent on to Sherri.  These should be done twice per year.  This is for comparison purposes to follow athlete progress, and to highlight athlete needs.
    • U14 Junior Race Opportunities:
      • Jeremy proposes that some U-14s be given the opportunities to 2 tech events and 1 speed event, which will be determined by calendaring and the ACC.  Bob Pettit 2nds.  These races will not be considered qualifiers for any U-14 event, will not be scored for this age group and the athletes will be seeded randomly among the 999.99’s older athletes the first run.  They will be BIBBO seeded for the second run as all other athletes, according to their first run finish.  The division has talked to Jeff Weinman at USSA, even if U-14’s buy a Competitors’ license, the points will be zeroed out.  Only exception would be if an out of division athlete moves here from a division that scored, their points would not be used for seeding and would be maintained for the next season.  Motion passes.
      • These athletes only need to have a YSL license, no point in spending the additional money.  
    • Tri Divisional Cup:  
      • The ACC proposes that we participate in the Tri-Divisional Cup for Intermountain, Northern and Alaska.  This would be managed as a Northern Division project event, including all ND selection and management policies, with a paid coaching staff and the extra expenses and responsibilities that are involved.  Rooms are assigned, and athletes stay with their assigned roommates.  Event begins with Sun Valley in the spring of 2013.  Events include SL, GS, and SG.  Richard Duncan 2nds.  Motion passes.
      • This event will be rotated as follows:  2 years at Intermountain, then 1 year in Northern.  Alaska will participate with 5/5 athletes, but will not be a host.  It remains the IM U-14 championship event.  We need to maintain the primary focus on our own ND YSL championship event.  ND recommends the following:
        • The ACC makes a motion that the following system is used to fill the quota for this event:  16f and 16m, with 20% being ACC discretionary spots like all of our other quotas.  Richard 2nds.  Motion passes.
        • The ACC makes a motion that selections for the Tri-Divisional will be primarily determined from the YSL tech race finish place points.  For each of the tech events, the 2 best finishers in each event will eligible for the selection boards.  A tie would be first by the first finish, then the 2nd, 3rd and so on until broken.  Lowest race points as well if available.  The Big Sky SG’s will serve as the primary speed qualifier, but the Discovery SG can serve as a back-up qualifier if necessary.  Since Sun Valley has a real SG, these results will be given preference over Kombi results.  Athletes must participate in at least one of each event to remain on boards.  See the ND handbook for an explanation of how selection boards determine final quotas/teams.  The seeding will be based on the individual event results from the ND YSL championships and Big Sky speed event finishes.  As in all ND project events, there is a discretionary component to the seeding.  Rick Duncan 2nds.  Motion passes.
        • Based on USSA Course setting guidelines, athletes that are competing at Non-scored U-14 Junior tech race opportunities may ski at a race with a tech course that is set for the next age class older, so they can race on a course set for U-16’s.
        • For Speed events, guidelines must be age appropriate.
    • Calendar Discussion and Approval:  
      • Rick Duncan stated that since USSA changed the Speed Kombi (SG/SG) for 2013, the run must be homologated for SG, and the U-10 age groupings are no longer able to compete in a Speed Kombi race, Discovery will host 3 one-run GS races on Berkeley.
      • Jeremy proposes the Northern Division calendar as posted and distributed.  Craig Krueger 2nds.  Unanimous approval.
    • Northern B Netting is stored at Bridger, and is tagged with the Northern Division name.  The division had 15 rolls and added an additional 6 rolls.  Communicate with Roger Bay for distribution.  Plan ahead so it will be on site the weekend before your event.
  • Officials’ Chair Report – Bob Petitt
    • Officials Clinics – Official’s Information/Changes:  Please keep track of your activities as an official each year, and then submit this to Bob Pettit so you receive credit for your experience.  Non-scored event results are not submitted to USSA, so there is no back-up record of your work efforts.
    • It is the responsibility of each club to schedule the training sessions for their officials in such a way as to maximize the efficiency of the official's trainer.  Bob Pettit cannot travel to multiple training and update sessions each season.  No other division accommodates in this fashion and it is not fair to ask that commitment of a volunteer.
    • Clubs should not commit a race to the calendar without having officials in place ahead of time.  We are considering the requirement that each spring; each club commits a list of race officials concurrent with their race event requests.
  • Northern DivisionManager – Sherri Hale — Financial Overview & Travel Issues
    • We are currently in a good financial status.
    • Head Tax Development Portion YSL and A-J3:  ACC discretionary allocation of development head tax funds is as follows:  $2500 from the 2011-12 Devo head tax is going to be used to subsidize travel expenses for athletes competing in the Alaska championships.  Preliminary estimates are approaching $2200/athlete for this competition.
    • Race attendance confirmation/pulling out – cancellation policy reviewed.  WR Intents to Compete are due 28-30 days before each event, the deadlines are already posted on the website.  ACC unanimously approves that Sherri will use the USSA points list that is valid 21 days before the first day of the event for the final selection list.  Sherri’s deadline for athlete intent is the first of the month prior to the race.
    • Coaches Transportation Review:  Communication to parents key!  ND arranges travel for coaches ONLY!!  Coaches need to communicate to each parent the Northern Division travel policies from the ND handbook.  We follow Western Region Handbook travel cancellation policies. Late pulls are only partially refunded and are determined by what the division has already committed to financially.  Athletes are assumed to be staying with the team, and any other arrangements preferably be made with Sherri when the coach and athlete commit to the event or by the first day the trip sheet goes out at the latest.
    • ND Forms: There are 4 different forms that are mandatory, including all U-14’s.  Last year’s enrollment participation was excellent.  Sherri cannot do her job without this information on file…please support her so she can support the athletes!
    • YSL Program (bio book) – deadlines.  Thanks to Paul Bussi and his wife for all the compilations of all of the bios and photo submissions last spring.  This year is a mid February deadline for all parents to submit the bios for their athletes.  THIS BOOK IS COOL, DON’T LET YOUR KIDS MISS OUT ON THIS OPPORTUNITY!!  This is also an excellent advertising opportunity for your business!
  • ND Board
    • Sponsorship/Fundraising for Qualifiers.  We need a sponsor to offset the head tax for our events.  $5000 would be a good starting amount and would include banners, at a minimum, at each YSL event.  For example, there is exposure available on vehicles or the championship photo book.
    • By-Laws have been updated by Rick Duncan: Rick Duncan reviews the changes in wording, position descriptions, and change in our fiscal year dates.  For example, the Alpine director has been re-worded to the Business Manager.  See the Northern Division website to review the current revision of the By-Laws.  Jeremy moves to accept the current revision of the By-Laws.  Peter Bedell 2nds.  Motion passes.

New Business:

  • IMPACT is discussed above.
  • ACC election results:  New members elected to the ACC are Lisa Densmore and Roger Bay

Winter Meeting:

ACC meeting is Friday, February 9th, during the Big Sky race. General meeting will be held following if there is interest.

Bob Pettit moves to adjourn. Rick Duncan 2nds. Meeting adjourned at 11:20 am.

Minutes submitted by Susan Krueger and Sherri Hale.



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