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ND WINTER Meeting Agenda
Friday, February 8th, 2013
Mammoth Room, Big Sky, MT

Call to Order: 6:38 PM

Welcome/Identification of Members present:  Rick Duncan, Dave Woldstadt. Sherri Hale, Susan Krueger, Pete Collins, Joseph Eve, Steve King, Richard Kramer, Leif Cox, Craig Engelhard, Cole Greer, Jeremy Ueland, Craig Krueger, Bob Petitt, Nick DeCarlo, Vanessa Selby, April Greer, Kerry Petitt, AJ Cronk

Approval of Minutes from Fall 2012 Meeting:  Motion to approve – Jeremy Ueland, 2nd AJ Cronk

Old Business:

  • Report of President:  Club exposure, issues with “pending” licenses, no license for course setters/referees/following USSA guidelines.  Has been a good season so far, numbers are good at YSL events and areas and clubs have handled them well, reminder that the by-laws reflected elections be held for directors and so this will be addressed at the next Fall meeting.
  • Program Status – clubs report on their current overall program status (staffing, funding, etc.):
    • MSEF – Good season, few older athletes, strong younger groups, same relationship issues with mountain, board relationship good
    • WMR – (Pete) fewer older athletes this season, strong YSL group, with parents of the younger athletes becoming more involved with the foundation
    • Great Divide – (Craig) Not a lot of traveling athletes – around 10 – a little larger group of YSL athletes, strong feeder program with approx. 150 kids
    • Silver Run – (Vanessa) Things are good, everyone is working well together - mountain, coaches, kids.  Around 50 athletes.
    • Bridger Ski – (Roger) Similar numbers to last season – a good group of older athletes FIS racing and strong YSL group as well.  Working with Silver Run for the summer camp in June, so watch for that.
    • Blacktail – Good, have talked about what it will take to be able to hold an event, good season so far – small group with good support from the mountain and parents.
    • Discovery – Good support from the mountain – no older athletes, but around 15-18 YSL athletes and they are ready and excited to hold their event soon.
    • Big Sky – Same staff, a few older athletes, a large group of U14’s and younger, funding good and a lot of the parents have stepped up to help out.  Dave has trained a few Timers and RA’s.  
    • Showdown – Small group but doing well.  
  • ACC overview – Jeremy Ueland:
    • Western Region Update – Rules, Camps, Projects/Physical Assessments.  Physical Assessments still need to be happening in the Fall and Spring with results forwarded to the region (Gwynn) in the format she has requested.  Sherri reviewed the WR ACC working group conference call – discussion about FIS s and for all to think about who should be FIS racing and how many levels of FIS races should be available.  This is especially important prior to Spring calendaring at the regional and divisional levels.  
    • Coaches Education & Clinics-Big Sky April Level 200 Planned
    • SkillsQuest/Physical Assessments - Skillsquest, Rules Updates – Jeremy reviewed the SkillsQuest experience at Big Sky.  Cool to have US ski team alums present – athletes were included for the drills.  Jeremy explained that the SkillsQuest program is still in the early stages and that USSA site has the most information.  Hopefully, USSA will put someone in charge of the program and expectations so there can be better communicated to divisions and clubs across the country.  USSA wants all divisions to hold SkillsQuest events for all athletes U16 and younger.  
    • U14 Ski Opportunities– Northern’s decision to not score U14’s was discussed. Some discussion was brought up to re-consider this for next season, especially with regard to possible late season scoring for this age group – or at least 2nd year U14’s.  Noted that this issue will be re-visited following Congress at the spring meeting.  
  • Officials’ Chair Report – Bob Petitt
    • Officials – Information/Changes/club exposure – Really want to stick to a one weekend update plan, although there were a few other opportunities this year – Whitefish was able to hold their own update and BSSEF had used their learning network for some good information prior to their Timing and RA testing.  
    • Season Activity Recording Reminder – (Non-Scored especially) – Reminded everyone to be sure and use the form, especially for the non-scored events because unless the results are submitted, their activity won’t be recorded.  
    • Official’s list required for calendaring 2013-2014 – see above.  Bob says this will at least help Clubs plan accordingly to have their key personnel ready and trained for events.  
  • Northern Division Manager – Sherri Hale - Financial Overview & Travel Issues
    • Where we stand currently – All trips have been closed except those happening in past two weeks and upcoming events CD secures credit card.  Dues Changes due to USSA by March 15th – no changes for our division.  All payments except final one has been made to USSA.  Last one is due April 1st.  On task to be a bit behind last year’s bottom line, but still in the black.  Memberships are up slightly, but head-tax will be a little less.  $27,000 in checking, $4,500 in payables is lodging from trips already billed and collected from athletes.
    • Membership dues changes due to USSA March 1st – No change to Northern’s fees for next season
    • Race attendance confirmation/pulling out – cancellation policy issues – This has been the worst season EVER for late pulls.  When these happen, cost goes up for everyone else.  Sherri has had to charge according to our policy.  If this continues, she may have to go to a deposit system when athletes confirm.  Key here is that coaches need to communicate to parents that confirming means committing financially.
    • YSL Program (bio book)  – deadline announced – hope the word is out – encouraged all coaches to communicate this to their parents and athletes.
    • U16 AK Travel – Cost with supplement is around $2100 – $962 is for the airfare.  This was a bit of a risk as Northern had to pre-purchase airfare as flights were starting to fill up out of Seattle.  Biggest issue now appears to be getting the skis there and filling the quota.  
  • ND Board
    • Sponsorship/Fundraising for Qualifiers – Kerry Petitt agreed to help in brochure design – Richard Kramer and Joe Eve volunteered to help Sherri to finalize sponsorship levels for the brochure.  They plan to meet together after season winds down this spring and send this info to Kerry.  

New Business:   

  • Summer Meeting:  ACC meeting tentatively scheduled for  June 7th in Missoula, with calendaring meeting to follow.  At this point, no General Summer meeting is planned.    

Adjourned:  7:29 p.m.                      


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