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Northern Division
Winter Meeting Minutes
Saturday, January 29, 2011
Bridger Ski Foundation, Bozeman, MT

Call to Order: 7:50 p.m.

Welcome/Identification of Members present: Aaron Ruddick, Paul Bussi, Bruce Krueger, Rick Jacobs, Jenn Stielow, Gina Gassman (for Jarod R.), Sherri Hale, Susan Krueger, Rick Duncan, Bob Petitt, Tony Nunnikhoven, Roy Loman, Craig Krueger, Jeremy Ueland.

Approval of Minutes from Fall Meeting  Minutes approved

Old Business:

  • Report of President  General divisional trend towards large numbers of younger athletes, fewer older athletes.  Total 327 skiers in ND.  65 coaches listed, 138 officials registered.  More clubs, 12, on board.  Continuing concern with retention.  Sherri and Bob remind everyone that if anyone works a non-scored race, it is not documented by USSA.
  • Sherri is locked into lodging ahead of time and cannot make late changes.  It is her job to schedule for all athletes.  Parents need to notify her ahead of time if an athlete is not lodging with the team.
  • Program Status – clubs report on their current overall program status (staffing, funding, etc...)
    • BSSEF -- 16 coaches Alpine & Nordic & Freeride combined.  High numbers 15-20 @ J4, 60 @ J5
    • GDST -- A-J3 down, age down, 17-18 athletes, 150 in the ‘All Mountain’ program.
    • WMRT -- A-J3 numbers down, 8.  Good growth in younger groups, offering parent education.  Changing from mountain to Foundation administration, good support from WM resort management.
    • YCA (Moonlight Basin) -- New Club.  Aaron Ruddick reports that mountain management issues have hindered enrollment, 20 waiting in the wings for Moonlight Basin to move beyond some bankruptcy issues.
    • BSF -- Thanksgiving camp (thanks to Jeremy and the Big Sky program) brought in 25 athletes, approx. 15 more than if they had traveled out-of-state.  Good powder skiing as well as drill work-outs.  Good coach/athlete orientation.  FIS program has 6-7 racers.  Multiple training lanes now provided at Bridger Bowl, including midweek Master’s program.  J3 program steady, large contingent on the way next season.  75-80 YSLT goal reached 100 athletes.  Lighting for night training, snow making, and sound system will be installed available.  Motion analysis program called SKICLUBZ.com has worked well, individual training videos are available for view after training, similar to Facebook.
    • DISC -- Drawing from Butte, Missoula and Bozeman.  12-13 YSLs traveling.  Growth steady, now have 11 coaches.  Enthusiastic board and parents.  Mountain management very supportive.
    • MSSEF -- Griz team (all mountain) full capacity, 62.
    • SDST -- Grew to 17 athletes.  Awards for their upcoming race will cover all athletes.  Trophies and medals.  They need an RA to run the race, and they need all of the divisional B-netting.
  • Athletic Competition Committee overview – Jeremy Ueland 
    • Policy and rules updates since our Fall Meeting:  Effective 2012-13 season, the “J” categories will be dropped.  Similar to the “U” system for soccer, the new age groups will be:  U10= 9 and under, U12= 10 & 11, U14= 12 & 13, U16= 14 & 15, U18=16 & 17 (16 will be the new age minimum for FIS competition), U21= 18-20.  USSA will not recognize age categories less than 9 years, although individual clubs may choose to do so.
    • 16 years will be the minimum age for FIS racing.  E-mail concerns and comments about this transition to Jenn Stielow:  jennstielow@yahoo.com
    • USSA Club membership was up by over 1000 nationwide, as early as October.  Electronic sanctioning agreements seem to be much easier with USSA.  Some resort/mountain managers still need to have a paper sanctioning agreement with signatures on the insurance certificate.  Course setting plans need to use gate shaft components from one manufacturer.  Speed TD reimbursements have increased.  Reminder all coaches need to have current CPR training.  
    • Divisional Wax Jeremy has put together 2 kits.  Swix base, some Dominator, notify Jeremy what is needed, then OK to buy replacements if you retain the receipts.
    • Calendaring for next season Reminder that per Divisional policy, all Clubs that wish to host a race must be present at the Spring Meeting, with permission from their host mountain.
    • Equipment-BNetting Clubs are reminded to plan for Divisional B-netting well in advance so there is time for coaches and parents to transport it to the mountain.  Follow USSA homologation guidelines for the # of recommended rolls of B-netting.  
    • Coaches Education  Big Sky camp only has 1 coach being trained.  Alternative is a club clinic if 2 clubs get together.  Big Sky has hill space available until April 24th.  Jeremy and Bob Petitt need to know if/when clinics can be scheduled.  Level 300/400 coaches clinic will be in Mammoth.
  • Western Region UpdateJenn Stielow:
    • WEST Team and camp reports at regional and NDS levels:  WEST team will be going to Slovenia.  May prep period camp Mammoth/Bachelor, DH/SG training.  Then concurrently a J-3 5-day camp for Topolino athletes, terrain features, 5 days.  Top 15 J3 JO athletes will have Flight School at Big Sky in prep for the J2 level.  WEST team camp at Mt. Hood in July, then Chile, fall camp back at Mt Hood.  Loveland camp should expand within each day.  Aug/Sep to Chile, training, then race.  NorAm athletes in Europe.  Then slalom camp.  TERP: train/race camp.
    • WR athlete tracking program  Physical Assessments:  Spring Conditioning camp in July at the USSA Training center in Park City, this is available for Regional Team and J2 select athletes.  ND clubs can benefit by holding joint testing.  Jenn needs to have the ND testing data sent to her.
    • Coaches Education Level 3 Clinic during WR Big Sky Speed 2/5-6.  Any coach wishing to attend a regional project will be required to have coach’s certification.  In the future USSA will require continuing education.  Go here to register: http://educationshop.ussa.org/Coaches-Clinics_c_12.html 
    • J2 Nationals/Squaw Valley Costs are estimated to be $2200-2300 without transportation.  Includes a marginal breakfast/dinner plan.  Parent symposium after completion of the SG’s (March 18)
    • Head Injury/Impact/B-net safety and Promotional packets.  Approx $25/athlete for Head Injury baseline testing.  Enters the athlete into a national database available to all physicians.
  • Officials’ Chair Report – Bob Petitt
    • Coaches & Officials Clinics-this season and next
    • This year ND has 153 officials trained/updated.
    • Season Activity Recording (Non-Scored especially).  USSA does not have record of anyone officiating at a non-scored event.  Keep track of your efforts, see the form on the ND website.
    • Homologations All clubs are up to date!
    • B-netting:  9-pole SPM B-net light:  Tony suggests that for tech events, the lighter poles and nets are adequate and easier to handle, and less expensive. 
    • TD Schedule Review TD Education/Training (Tony Nunnikhoven) Tony volunteers to become the Northern Division Technical Delegate Commissioner.  He will be in charge of TD training and protocols.  Haller moves to name Tony as TD Commissioner.  Rick 2nds.  Motion passes.
    • Medical Service Plans.  Sherri Hale has a template that has to be completed by the Race Organizers and reviewed at every morning coaches meeting.
  • Northern Division Manager – Sherri Hale - Financial Overview & Travel Issues
    • Where we stand currently
    • Seasonreport to date (invoicing & reconciliation) YSL numbers are up.
    • Race attendance confirmation/WR cancellation refund policy.  All trips are reconciled to present.  Head coaches, PLEASE review with incoming FIS families the ND transportation and cancellation policy!  Current problems with parents realizing that each club is responsible for transporting their own athletes.  All lodging is secured by Sherri, and is prepaid, with no refunds.  Parents must notify her at the same time that the athlete commits to attending the race if the athlete is not staying with the ND team.
    • ND Forms update.  Parents are paying on time, but some ND releases/forms have not been turned in.
    • Head Tax Development Portion YSL and A-J3 $700 available for rabbits.
    • Jeremy proposes a discussion of disbursement of the ND FIS $7 head tax, the $2 for the ND scholarships, $1 could be channeled back to the general athlete pool.
  • ND Board
    • Sponsorship/Fundraising for Qualifiers
    • By-Laws/Forming Committee update
    • Academic Awards criteria will change from GPA 3.65 to 3.5 to parallel other sports.

New Business:

  • Sponsor for Program with Biographies/Profiles for YSL Champs
  • Committee for By Laws:  Craig, Sherri and Rick
  • Elite Pass/MSAA – Update from Aaron Ruddick
    • Liability issues for Montana-wide Elite pass.  PNSA has been doing this for 30+ years.  Passes would be generated by the hill, funneled through the clubs.  MSAA/management is concerned with the path of the funds.  Assessment of financial need determined by the FAFSA form.  6 men passes, 4 women passes total 11 passes plus one for auction/raffle.  The proceeds would be split by 20/20/20 MSAA, ski hill, ND scholarship fund.  Eligibility determined by Gold Cup points.
  • ND Manager/Paul Bussi
    • Proposal for YSL Championship “Photo Program”  with Biographies.  ND expressed support for Paul Bussi’s proposal for an athlete picture/bio program to be sold for a minimal amount at the YSL championships.  Photographer Paul Bussi presents a sample program/picture/bio booklet for the YSL championships.  Releases need to be signed, and bios submitted by each athlete that wants to be in the program.  Each club has this form available.  Advertising will cover most costs, already 2 full-page ads committed; final cost will be less than $10.  Unanimous support.  Parents can send pictures in to Paul, and Paul has many pics in his database that parents can use free of charge for the program. paulbussi@hotmail.com
  • May 18-20th USSA Congress

Spring Meeting/Calendaring proposed for Saturday June 18th, in Helena.  10am ACC, 2 PM general meeting.

Meeting adjourned 21:24.

Minutes submitted by Susan Krueger


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