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Northern Division
WR Wild West Tech Elites
February 15-18, 2014
Snow King, Jackson, WY


    Travel  February 14
    Race Race GS February 15 - 16
    Race Race SL February 17 - 18

Divisional Staff (2):

    Roger Bay BSF
    Cole Greer or Will Bradford BSF

Cost:  This is an estimated cost due prior to race departure and is based on athlete/2 coach participation.  This will change depending on actual athlete attendance and real costs, which will be reconciled once all receipts are turned in and expenses are accounted for.  Adjustments will then be made accordingly.  Please note that Coaches’ expense includes per diem (food) and their portion of lodging.  Coaches’ transportation covers the cost of getting coaches to the race and back, meaning this cost is not optional.  All athletes pay for this regardless of how they get to the race series.  Whether or not the coach will have room in the vehicle for athletes must be handled through the coach.  Divisional manager must be notified upon receipt of this notice should an athlete not be staying with the team.  Administrative expenses are necessary to cover office expenses (paper, postage, Internet, fax, telephone, etc.) throughout the season and wax costs cover divisional wax orders and inventories.  Entries, Lifts and Lodging are self-explanatory.  


    Per athlete estimate

    Coaches & Coaches' Transportation


    Administration Fee








    Entry Fee


    Total Amount if Paid by Check


    Total Amount if Paid by Credit Card


All non-college athletes are required to have all required paperwork into the divisional office by 2/12/14.  Mail Check or Email CC Payment using the registration form or use https://ipn.intuit.com/pay/NorthernDivisionUSSA to remit payment through Payment Network, a service from Intuit ~makers of TurboTax, Quickbooks and Quicken ~it’s safe, secure and encrypted!  Please note the Name of the trip in the invoice line!

Please note that USSA, Western Region and Northern Division policy requires pre-payment of trip fees.  Honest.  No Exceptions.  The release form needs to be filled out ONLINE or the athlete will not be able to participate!

Coaches:  Email Sherri Hale, Northern Division Manager, at nodivmanager@northernussa.org or call her at (406) 871-7429 (Cell) with any questions and travel plans.

Selected Racers (only non college racers are listed):

    Men's Selections


    Haferman, Eric BSF

Women's Selections


Haferman, Tara BSF
Christian, Erica BSF
Siberell, Margaret BSF
Brelsford, Silver BSF
Coston, Sylvia
(waiting on Director's Quota Approval)

Lodging:  Elk Country Inn – There is a room for coaches (2 Queens) and a cabin with kitchen (no oven) for the four girls arriving the 14th.  (3 Queens).  Starting the 15th, there is another room (2 Queens) for the Hafermans when Eric arrives, then Tara will check in to that same room the 16th.  



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