2012-2013 Team Agreement

Team Rules:  Members of USSA /Northern Division/Western Region teams attending competitions on quotas, traveling with or part of a competition, attending a camp or project organized by the USSA Northern Division/Western Region are required to abide by the USSA Code of Conduct.

Violations of these rules may result in suspension from the team and in the loss of the opportunity to participate in future teams or quota team preparation or competition projects.

Agreement:  I, the undersigned USSA Competitor, have reviewed these rules and the “USSA Code of Conduct”, and agree to abide by it and all applicable rules and procedures during my participation in any USSA Northern Division/Western Region team training or competition project during the current season.  I agree that a violation of the rules may result in my immediate suspension from a team, and in the loss of all team services including representation at Team Captains’ and Jury meetings, training, housing, meals, and transportation.  I realize that I will receive no refund for the unused portion of these services.  If suspended, I will be prepared to make whatever arrangements are necessary in order to continue to compete in the event and/or return home.  I realize actions that are violations of the law may result in my arrest, and that it will be my responsibility in such a case to notify my parents or legal guardians and/or make such arrangements as may be necessary for my release and return home.  This agreement shall be valid for all projects in the 2012-2013 training and competition season.

Athletes under 18 years of age must have the following section signed by both parents and legal guardians, if applicable.  We, the undersigned, parents or legal guardians of the athlete below, having read and understood the above, agree to allow our child to participate in USSA Northern/Western Region training and competition teams.  We understand and agree that if our child violates these rules and procedures, he/she may be immediately suspended from the USSA Northern/Western Region project with the loss of all team services and without refund of fees paid.  We agree that in any case where our child’s actions result in his/her arrest, that sole responsibility for notifying us rests with our child and the local law enforcement officials, and that we, not USSA, Northern Division nor Western Region, are solely responsible for such actions as may be required to secure his/her release and return home.  This agreement shall be valid for all projects in the 2012-2013 training and competition season


Parent(s) or Legal Guardian Signatures_________________________________________Date___________


Please send to:  USSA Northern Division, P.O. Box 217, Whitefish, MT  59937 or fax to 406.545.2289