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Quota Team Rules and Selection Procedures

Major Events

To be eligible for consideration for a divisional quota spot or to race in out-of-division races, a racer must either use the online intent form or file an Intent to Compete form (see the Intents page for clarification) with the alpine director and compete in at least one divisional race in the appropriate discipline in to which the racer is traveling.  They must be a divisional member with a permanent address within the boundaries of Northern Division.  Any exceptions will be handled by the alpine director.

Coaching and Travel

The division will normally arrange for coaching, housing, and transportation of coaches for quota teams except for teams where the Western Region handles such arrangements.  All team members will be required to participate in the arranged packages.  In exceptional circumstances, exemptions from this rule may be granted by the alpine director when it is deemed to be in the best interest of the division and an individual competitor.

Western Region Elite and FIS Series

Quota:  Four men/Four women for Tech Elite series.  Selections will be made using the U.S. Ski & Snowboard seed point portion of the region's selection board method.  All athletes must have a U.S. Ski & Snowboard license and have reached the age of 15 by December 3I.  The seed point board will be expanded to include more than the top 4 men/women so that other top racers can participate in the Elite/FIS races if any of the top 8 choose not to compete, or if additional quota slots are allocated to the Northern Division during the season.  Such allocations will be made by the Western Region using the Quota Expansion Method.  Twenty (20) percent of the divisional quota may be allocated to discretionary selections.  The use of this discretionary quota shall be the decision of the divisional ACC.  Coaches should submit letters of recommendation for legitimate candidates to be considered for selection.

Out of Region FIS Races

For out of region FIS races where a regional team is not named, and where the Western Region does not organize the trip, entries must be authorized and submitted by the divisional offices or ACC chairman 35 days prior to the event.  Entries must be completed, and official FIS green sheets must be in the western region office to be considered.  Current national points for each racer must accompany the FIS entry form.

The divisional office will then submit the approved entries to the proper race organizer.  Each division is responsible for insuring that entry fees accompany properly submitted forms.  Other divisions and regions are under no obligation to accept improperly submitted entries.

Inter-Divisional Entries

Entries to inter-divisional competitions must be handled by the divisional offices or ACC Chairman for the divisions concerned.  No competitor, coach or parent may enter racers in another division without the proper approval.


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