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Award Descriptions, Northern Race Series

Jim Barrier Gold Cup

The Gold Cup is Northern Division's premier race series.  This is a continental cup type competition for the top racers in Northern Division.  Races counting for Gold Cup points are the Jl and J2 qualifiers, open races, and OHG and are open to all A, J1, J2, & J3 competitors.

Bill Kenney Series

The Bill Kenney Series runs parallel to the Gold Cup Series.  This is a continental cup type competition for J1's, J2's and J3's in Northern Division.  Bill Kenney Race Series is open to all high school competitors meeting point qualifications.

Little Hollow Team Cup

A club (team) award will be given at each Northern division race.  The award is for quality not quantity and is intended to promote junior racing, club spirit, and unity. At season's end the top three overall clubs will be recognized and awards presented at the Over the Hill Gang race.  Club points will be calculated as follows:

    Men:  "Total men's points" is equal to the number of Northern Division junior clubs entered times four (regardless of the number of competitors representing a club, only the top four placing men from each club will be considered in calculating points).  Among the competitors representing Northern Division junior clubs, the highest placing individual is awarded a score equal to "total men's points" , the second place individual is awarded a score equal to " total men's points" minus one, and so on.  Once four members of a club have been awarded a score, no more members from that club will be awarded a score.  Club men's points are equal to the sum of the four individual points awarded. Club points are limited to finishing competitors there is not an average or handicap score awarded to the clubs with fewer than four finishing competitors.

    Women:  Same as men only change the multiple from four to three.  Once three members of a club have been awarded a score, no more members from that club will be awarded a score.  Club women's points are equal to the sum of the three individual points awarded.

Total club points are equal to the sum of club men's and club women's points.  The weekend series' club award will be given to the club with the highest club points.

Total club points will be accumulated over the season.  Season club awards will be presented to the clubs accumulating the first, second and third highest club points.

YSL Championship Trophies

These are awarded to Super Combined champions, team and individual, during the YSL Championship Series in Northern Division.  All three events will be scored for teams and individuals.  The top three placing male and female athletes from the results sheets from each team will be scored for the team result.  The individual champions will also be scored by placing on the results sheet from each of the three disciplines.  

Northern Academic Alpine Team

Selection:  Must have at least a 3.5 grade point average in an accredited high school and be selected to attend Junior 1 or Junior 2 Olympics.

Northern Youth Ski League

Youth Ski League racing is a nationally organized program for any child under the age ' of 13 years who is interested in ski racing.  This program is being run in conjunction with , the local ski clubs and ski schools.  This program provides fun and instructional racing for young skiers.  You are invited to enter any J3, J4 and JS races in Northern Division.

Youth Racing Championships

Check the race schedule for location and date of the Youth Racing Championships.  The races will use the TRS method as explained in the Entry Level Series section of this Guide.  Prizes will be awarded to all competitors and the events could include dual slalom and team giant slalom.  To be eligible to race in a youth race, a Youth U.S. Ski & Snowboard membership, plus $15.00 entry fee is required.  Information on U.S. Ski & Snowboard Northern area race organization entry procedure and events to be held is available through the Northern Division Office.


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