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Western Region

Intent to Compete Declaration Method, 2017-2018

Intents will be used to construct Regional Selection Boards for:
  • US National Alpine Championships
  • US Continental Cup NorAm competitions
  • Canadian NorAm competitions (national quota)
  • US National U18 Olympic Championships
  • Canadian FIS competitions (national quota)
  • Canadian National Championships (national quota)
  • Rocky-Central FIS competitions
  • Eastern Region FIS competitions
  • FISU competition (national quota)

Intents will be submitted on the http://ussa.org/alpine-programs/regions/intents/west website.  Please refer to the website for the instructions.  Intents will be due 28 days prior to the first team captain's meeting.  There is a calendar on the U.S. Ski & Snowboard website with Intent Deadlines clearly marked on the day.

Intents may be filed for multiple race series for any given dates within a period.

Intents may be made for full series participation only.  Western Quotas may not be used for partial entry to any out-of-region FIS series.  The Regional Director may allow:

  1. a first year eligible FIS racer exceptions to this provision in order to comply with FIS entry limitation rules, or
  2. an athlete qualified USST or NDS invitation to an international competition or a Western Region quota team to a COC event.
  3. Four event series will be considered in such a way as to account for athletes not participating in one or more of the event spectrum by the director.

Do Not apply for athletes ineligible under U.S. Ski & Snowboard rules:

  1. Racers must have less than 100 U.S. Ski & Snowboard points in a discipline to be contested to go to Canada.
  2. Racers must have less than 120 points in a discipline to be contested and have been selected to a WR Elite FIS race to go to an out-of-Region elite FIS race.
  3. Racers must have less than 120 FIS points to race in NorAm competitions.  Development nominations are exempt from this requirement but NorAm development requests originate in the Regional office so that exception does not impact this procedure.
  4. The region does not enter foreign athletes.
  5. See your competition guide for more information or the above web address

* All quotas in Canada are national and determined by national rank using FIS points by the national office.
Ranking lists will be constructed for selection purposes based on the U.S. Ski & Snowboard points valid on the due date for the coming month.
Selected athletes':  coaches who intended the athlete will be notified as soon as the boards are done, electronically.  Coaches will have 48 hours to confirm or pull athletes.  Unconfirmed athletes will be dropped.

Using either the intents form or the online intent process, intents will be used for Divisional Selection Boards for:

Athletes out of high school will need to submit intents for Championship events (i.e:, Western Region Championships).

Intents for events are due to the ACC Chair and the divisional manager the 1st of the month PRIOR to the event.  The U.S. Ski & Snowboard points list which is current 21 days prior to the first travel day of the project will be used to complete selection boards for events.  Once selections go out, you will have 48 hours to confirm/pull.  "Confirm" means your athlete intends to go and will be on the hook for some costs should they pull out and an alternate cannot be fill that spot.  Please see our Handbook for specific selection procedures for the different types of FIS races.


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