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Poor Sportsmanship

Any parent, athlete, coach, volunteer or official that physically or verbally assaults or threatens any volunteer, athlete or official shall be considered a minor offense and given a warning.  If the abuse continues, it will be considered a second offense.  The person doing the abusing shall be required to leave the race area immediately and not be permitted to return to the race area for the remainder of the day.  The race will be stopped until this person leaves.  If this person refuses to leave the race area, the ski patrol will be asked to remove this person from the hill.  This shall be considered a third offense and this person (volunteer, official, athlete or coach) will not be allowed at any race area for one year.

Any infraction of this rule will be included on the TD report and a copy will be sent to the Officials Committee.  The only appeal will be through the Northern Division Board, but the penalty will stand until the ND Board decides.


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